Just Five More Songs - EP

by Dissident Prophet

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Hey folks! This is an EP of 5 songs not released on albums. However our new album of songs is on it's way, and we'll release them one at a time. thanks for your support. God bless,
Dissident Prophet


released June 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Dissident Prophet Birmingham, UK

An apocalyptic indie rock band.

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Track Name: Maybe Just A Broken Heart
Take a piece of duct tape stick it on your arm
Pull it off sit back and feel the pain
Stick it on again maybe three more times
No stick and the pain has gone away
Becoming one with many, splitting up yourself
Spread the love, no stick, dried up the well
Giving up your body, losing your control
Yet living with the consequence
Maybe just an STD, an unwanted pregnancy
Or maybe just a broken heart

It’s not like in the movies, it’s not like watching friends
In and out of bed no consequence
Love is not a feeling feelings they can change
Follow them you might wind up a slave
Your wedding day’s arrived you look into his eyes
White dress and you’re walking down the aisle
Becoming one with many, splitting up yourself
Gives you an uncertain smile
You wish that you could turn back time
Leaving your whole past behind
Clear the memories from your mind
Cos now you've got a broken heart
Track Name: Solid Gone
I saw some women trying to cross the road
They were solid gone
They were drenched in drink ignorant
Of their dangerous situation
Easy pickings for their predators
As they joined the throng
Blissfully unaware they were fish in a barrel
They were solid gone

Solid gone, solid gone
The devil got us solid gone
Solid gone, solid gone
We’re all just solid gone

Wound up talking to some students with a college education
They were solid gone
They were high on Darwin and Dawkins’ god delusion
They were solid gone
They were using their own reason to explain that it’s all random
Where we come from
They couldn’t see that they were cutting off the branch
That they were sitting on

I didn't want to hear the preacher in the street
Cos I was solid gone
I didn't want to hear that I was proud and vain
Cos I was solid gone
I had to lose him in the crowd
And get away from what I heard
Cos I was solid gone
I ran back Into the shadows
To a life of sin
Cos I was solid gone

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